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Family Meals Project is a program dedicated to bringing community members together to explore ways to plan, prepare, and share budget-friendly meals for  health-conscious families.

Initially, The FMP brought people together to share ideas during cooking classes in the food bank, senior center and community kitchens. In an effort to promote a healthy future for our children and broader community, we are teaming with other organizations to promote food fun and meaningful conversation during family sit-down dinners.

The program was initiated through The Family Dinner Project in Massachusetts, and is an outgrowth of research through Harvard University. Family sit-down dinners have been shown to improve family synergy, positive child development, and better communication skills.

We are kicking off our program that promotes a healthy future for families in the Pacific Northwest. We are working with families, and partnering with the Ferndale Boys and Girls Club, community schools and churches to support the key ideas presented in the Family Dinner Project Programs


Visit their website at   http://FamilymealsProject.comfmp lgo final a